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New page review of some Koi Fish keycaps I bought.

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Samsung s10+ cutout dimensions pixel ruler

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I was just uploading the pic of my youtube statistics, and noticed that I have views on this site even though I haven’t linked it anywhere in months. Weird, but I guess its good. I need to find a way to communicate with people through this site, that way I might be able to keep track of where viewers are coming from, to make a better experience and get more traffic. One day I had 8 views in January?! Who are you people?!?

My youtube statistics up to the year 2019, a few videos made decent spikes. My first one was the mechanical keyboard one. The other spike was the fortnite/pubg audio compressor video.

A face I saw in Hurricane Michael
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Can you find the cat in this picture?

I combined a midi controller and mechanical keyboard, see the video here.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Click to view album on imgur.

Ambient video from Horizon Zero Dawn