Musicians I follow

Everyone has a few artists or bands that they keep up to date on. Of all the new music I discover every week, these are a few of the musicians I watch. Mostly because they have more than a few songs I love.

Com Truise

Synthwave. I discovered Com Truise in 2015, a few years after ‘In Decay’ released. But since then, I’ve listened to every album, and have a lot of songs I love. This is an artist that is good at making new tunes, but keeping a very established signature sound. Haven’t gotten bored of him yet, and I never will.


Metal. And holy fuck this song slaps. I discovered this group about 3 months after ‘Holy Roller’ released. Its everything I love in a metal group. Great mixing, great riffs, great vocals. Not just great vocals. Courtney is something else. When I first watched ‘Holy Roller’, I thought she was a model used as a placement for sort of miming the vocalist’s lyrics. But no, its all her. “Its time for some singin, and then some screamin.”
‘Rule of Nines’ is my favorite song from them so far.


Downtempo; electronic. Lapalux has been in my ears for more than a few years now. I love his style of instruments and his mixing. Quite the textbook all around great computer musician. I would call him a ‘slow burn’ artist. Since many of his songs don’t follow conventional dance music structure. Sometimes a song really hits the hook 2.5 minutes into a track. Thats not a criticism either.

Moon Panda

Alternative [rock?] group. I don’t know what defines ‘rock’ anymore. But Moon Panda fits my definition of great all around band. Beautiful vocalist and great mixing on instruments. Bass stands out and snares are nice. I don’t listen to many artists other than dudes with synthesizers. Maybe thats why Spiritbox and Moon Panda stand out so much to me?
I discovered MP when ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Gun’ were their only songs on Spotify. Been keeping an eye on them since.


Dnb; electronic. Since Noisia has disbanded in 2020, I’ve kept an eye on Thys. He is one of the trio that is seemingly releasing music often. This song stuck out, and a few from ‘Music from Sleeping Beauty Dreams’. Its a great exercise in experimental computer music.


Electronic; house. Die hard Deadmau5 fan for life. I’ll always keep a check on what he uploads. From official releases to youtube videos. There was a great track he made for a cube demo that was on youtube, but I think it was taken down. I couldn’t find it, maybe it will be officially released one day.

Mick Gordon

Metal. The fuckin legend himself. I need to know what he is working on next simply because of how much I love the Doom and Doom Eternal soundtracks. Despite whatever controversy went on between him and Bethesda, I will be a fan forever, and keep looking to what he has in the future.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Motion picture soundtrack; ambient. Both of these geniuses are responsible for the soundtracks in movies I’ve adored. Gone Girl, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Watchmen (HBO series). Great, creative music. I’m going to be interested in whatever they work on next.

The End

You know when you watch a great tv show and you just want more? Thats the feeling I get with these musicians. I already know I’m gonna like something from them in the future. I’m always interested in new music from artists I like, but these ones are a bit more special to me, or at least they’re on my mind the most while writing this up.

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