Samsung s10+ cutout dimensions pixel ruler

Hey there, I tried my best to make a ruler stencil for the s10+ I just got this week. I was just eyeballing it, so it may not be perfect. It looked like an image was displayed on the s10+ a bit differently sometimes.

This image is made to account for the corners that don’t get seen in full screen.

xpercipio cutout ruler for samsung s10+

This cutout should be pretty close. About one pixel off of showing a white sliver on the edges, and showing one pixel of the cutout pill shape.

The pixel resolution is 1440 x 3040. Make a rectangle that size and place it in the center. Then give it a 110px corner radius, what you see is what gets displayed. The pill-shaped rectangle is 248 x 107px.

Place it at coordinates x: 1116px y: 34px. Then give it a corner radius of 52px.

I made this for people who like to customize their phone wallpapers. If you find a more exact measurement, let me know and I’ll post your suggestions. Thanks, I hope this is helpful if you found it.