Samsung s10 5×6 app grid ruler

This applies to all s10 phones. Look below for a line only stencil. Also check the bottom of the page for a link to the s10+ camera cutout with edge curves.

App grid spacing stencil with home button circle

I’ve updated my stencil for the Samsung S10+. This version applies to regular s10 phones too. I’ve added lines for aligning app space using a 5×6 grid. 5×6 app grid was chosen because that is what I’m going to stay with. I like the smaller apps so I can fit more on a screen.

These lines were created by taking a screenshot of my phone while I was moving apps around. You know that little plus sign that shows up between apps? Its lines are 6 pixels wide, so I used 2 pixel lines as a ruler, because they fit perfectly in the middle of the plus sign.

.png file of ruler lines only. added home circle because it didn’t intersect and would be easy to delete while keeping lines.

Above is the ruler only stencil. You can just drag it into photoshop to see its dimensions. Sorry I didn’t want to take the time to measure out every little thing, because someone might want to keep the line in the square, or not count it in the measurement. There are too many ways to measure it out.

Also, the circle is a little bit bigger than the home icon because I wanted it to show some color behind it. Its pretty damn close to being centered right on it. You know my motto.

First draft for artistic liberties using the ruler lines.

Above is the kind of thing you can do with the app square spaces. I just select a square, change its color to a solid. Or make it a gradient. So the ruler lines can make an artistic value (they are a gradient in this picture). Or you can just delete them once you’ve used them as a reference.

I plan on deleting the lines that go through app text, and at the top that go through the status bar text. Keeping the one that underscores the status bar.

Thats it for now. The ruler line only picture is .png, so it should retain its transparency if you save it from this webpage. If it doesn’t let me know on reddit and I’ll just make a link for it. I may upload the actual photoshop project next too.