Everything that is for sale

Hello. This is a list of everything that I will have for sale, with some pricing. TBA means ‘to be announced’. I haven’t determined a price because of part quantity costs and shipping. Shipping doubles the cost of PCBs if in small quantities.

Just email me at percipiostart@gmail.com

-Full assembly xp120 PRICE $500.00 USD
-Full xp120 DISASSEMBLED PRICE $450.00 USD
-xp120 parts. Any combination of parts you want. For example, if you want everything except the teensy 4.0. PRICE TBA
-PCB, fasteners, keycaps, switches, arduino code (I don’t think I can sell this so I will probably have a DIY tutorial on how to flash your own board).

-Full assembly xp64 (if I can find Teensy 2.0), I don’t have parts ordered for this so PRICE TBA

About parts: I have bulk deals on switches and blank key caps. I can see if I have permission to sell those things to you. For 5 xp120 boards, I saved 400 dollars by bulk purchasing keycaps.