Destiny 2

I uploaded 99 audio clips from the first year of Destiny 2. These were recorded in game. They’re some of my favorites, most are great for a lot of situations. I hope you enjoy.
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I took a picture of these flowers on Earth because I like the color purple. Then a few months later in the spring, I noticed some flowers in my family’s garden that reminded me of Destiny. Not the same flower, I think Destiny’s was a Foxglove, but it was similar enough to have me recall taking this pic.
destiny 2pich

I got t-bagged by an enemy ai once. Some have said its not a t-bag, but in titanfall’s world, that counts as one. Look at em just droppin it.

All of my Destiny 2 videos.

Hunters have the best views.
destiny 2pich

View from outside the map boundry on nessus, so pretty.

Another from outside.